Accubrace 和 #174; 系统

配件 |倾斜 |大括号和螺旋锚

With the Accubrace total bracing system, Helical Ground Anchors (HGAs) are utilized in place of "dead men." The system consists of three pieces - a 7'0" HGA, a Connector and a 4'0" Helical Extension for deeper installations. This HGA brace achieves the loads required to match wall brace loads up to 12,000# SWL, 15,000# SWL with the extension.

HGAs installed into the soil provide an economic method for support of wall braces. The HGA must be installed to an installed torque to attain the loads required of the steel braces temporarily supporting the wall panels. The braces are bolted to the wall panel and to the top of the HGA via a transition connector.
使用高强度 Accubrace 大括号来利用 1.2万 # 最小 HGA SWL 将减少每个面板所需的括号和 HGAs 的数量, 从而降低大括号和 HGAs 的总体安装成本.   另外, 支撑到外部可以促进结构钢的快速安装。

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